Hole in the heart and stroke study shows significant benefit for PFO closure over medical therapy.

Results of the 10 year extended follow up for the RESPECT trial were released in San Francisco in October 2015. The trial is the largest randomised PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale) trial in history with the longest follow up now reaching 10 years (5 yr mean), involving 980 patients to evaluate secondary stroke prevention.

The study looked at patients (18-60 years of age) with a hole in the heart (PFO) who had a stroke. Patients were assigned to medical therapy (blood thinners) or PFO closure via keyhole surgery with Amplatz PFO Occluder.

The study showed that closing the hole in the heart was safe and resulted in a 70% reduction in reduction of unexplained strokes. This research confirms the long held beliefs that PFO closure for young stroke is both safe and effective against preventing further stroke events.

For a more detailed analysis of the RESPECT trial please click here


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