Education videos for patients and physicians.


European Stroke Conference results 2017


PFO Animation & closure

St Jude Medical

The following video is for general educational purposes only.  The PFO Research Foundation does not endorse any products or technologies.

The animation shown demonstrate the path of a venous embolus and how it may transmit through a PFO and cause a stroke/TIA. The Premere PFO Closure Device is no longer available for use but the principles of percutaneous closure with an ‘umbrella’ type device remain the same.

Echocardiogram images of PFO

The following video shows a series of trans-oesophageal echocardiogram (TOE/TEE) images of the inter-atrial septum where the PFO or ASD may be located.

PFO Clinics has kindly provided this for educational purposes.


The following videos were produced from 2010-2012 and are courtesy of the PFO Research Foundation in the United States of America who have kindly allowed us to share with you here. The majority of information provided is relevant to patients and medical practitioners from anywhere in the world.

Some of the trials and theories mentioned have been more thoroughly studied since that time. The videos are supplied as an educational guide for patients, relatives and medical practitioners wishing to understand the concepts surrounding PFO for stroke and migraine.

Special thank you to Bray Patrick-Lake and the entire USA PFO Research Foundation board for their ongoing support and tireless campaigning for the education and right of patients with PFO.